Line Dancers Club


Choreographed Dance with a Repeated Sequence of Steps

Lots of FUN! And you don't need a partner to enjoy this activity!

Line Dancing is fun, a form of fitness, and it is a great way for your mind to stay in shape.  Dance requires mental, physical, emotional and social skills.  It can help improve balance, stability and build confidence.  All of that in addition to the calories you will burn while dancing.

The Line Dancers Club of Sun City West:

  • is one of the largest dance clubs in the country
  • is a great way to meet people in our community
  • dances to all types of music and dance styles 

Line Dancing got its start back in the 1970’s with the Cowboy Boogie and the Electric Slide, but it has come a long way since them.  Our modern line dance club dances to music from all genres, from Charlie Rich to Pitbull.  Dance styles include West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Cha-Cha, Two-Step, Waltz, Nightclub Two.

Explore our pages to find out more information about our club.  Better yet, join us and discover first-hand why line dancing continues to be so popular.