"Coordinated dance steps for fun"

You don't even need a partner to fully enjoy this activity

Class Fees and Info

Fees shown below are for Club members, guests slightly higher:

  • Dance in Line, $5 each class
  • Beginners Workshop, $20 per 4-week session ($25 for months with 5 weeks)
  • Upper Beginners, $5 each class
  • Easy Intermediate, $5 each class
  • Intermediate, $5 each class   
Evening Line Dance is $6 for members, $8 for guests.
Club Membership $5.00 open to SCW residents with a valid Recreation Card.


Welcome to Line Dancers Club of SCW

The Line Dancers Club of SCW is one of the largest in the country. Joining the club is a great way to meet people in our community.  No dance partner is needed, but it can be used as a gateway to couples dancing because it builds a solid dance foundation.  We dance to all types of music and dance styles.  It has many health benefits, such as improving balance, stability and building confidence in addition to the calories you burn while dancing. 
We have a variety of class offerings.  If you haven’t line danced before, register for one of our four or five-week (depending on the month) beginners workshops which start the first Wednesday of each month.  The basic fundamentals of line dancing are taught and you will be dancing from the very first class.  If you have experience line dancing, we have classes available from the Upper Beginners to Intermediate levels.  In addition, we offer specialized classes from time-to-time depending on the season and room availability.  For example, we offer a Social Line Dance class where you can learn popular dances done at weddings and on cruise ships.  We also offer straight dancing (no teaching) classes, such as our Dance in Line classes.  Once a month we have an evening dance where we can practice all the great dances from our classes. 
Kort Kurdi, Instructor, is known for his unique approach to teaching dance, which he has perfected over 20 years working with both singles and couples.  With his sense of humor, relaxed style and intuitive understanding of the pitfalls new dancers face, he has been able to teach even those who have “two left feet” into becoming comfortable social dancers.  
Class schedules and room locations change from time to time.  For information, contact the club president, Martha Williams at 623-556-9093 or by email at martha759@aol.com.  Club membership is open to residents of SCW.  Guests of residents may attend a class three times in a calendar year.  Non-residents of SCW who have an interest in beginners line dancing should contact Tamra Stark at 623-544-6194 at the SCW Recreation Department for information on the beginners line dance program offered through its Adult Education Explore Program.   
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