Teaching Classes

These classes become more challenging as you go to the next level. New steps are introduced, more turns are added, some step transitions become quicker, and the dance patterns do not repeat as often.  They are listed in the order you should take them.

  • Beginners: If you have not line danced before, this class will teach you the fundamentals of line dancing and you will be dancing from the very first class. You will receive instruction in the basic steps and perform dances that will give you practice transitioning from one step to another.  It is recommended that you participate in Beginners classes for a couple of months before moving up.  This makes sure you have a solid foundation for more difficult choreography. Print, complete, and bring the Membership Registration Form to your first class. Forms are also available at class check-in.
  • Beginners 2: (This class is temporarily on hold, and members will be notified when the class resumes.) If you are comfortable with the steps you learned in the Beginners class and want to go to the next dance level, try out Beginners 2.  You will be joining an ongoing class and should focus on the current dances and not those that were taught prior to you joining.
  • Beginners 3: (This class is temporarily on hold, and members will be notified when the class resumes.) This class is a great steppingstone between Beginners 2 and Upper Beginners.
  • Upper Beginners:  This is a step up from Beginners 3.  Dances have more difficult steps and turns.

You know you are in the right class when you can learn the dances that are being taught in a lesson.  Do not select your level by trying to pick up dances from the floor.

Dance Classes

  • Dance in Line – routines are mostly at the Beginner Plus to Upper Beginner levels. There is a variety of music used. The instructor calls the steps, but does not teach in this class.  You learn the dances through repetition. The instructor adds new dances periodically to keep the class fresh. This class is particularly popular with our seasonal dancers because they can easily transition back into the class when they return to Sun City West.